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Experience Empowered Elegance this International Women's Day! 

with a captivating performance that brings together two remarkable, all female Divas Opera and the Bridgeland Quartet. Both will be accompanied by pianist Mimi Park.

Divas Opera, known for their powerful vocal artistry (and gowns!) and the Bridgeland Quartet, a Calgary-based ensemble redefining classical music, unite for a night of musical brilliance. Together, they will showcase the strength and beauty of female composers, sharing selections of strong female characters, and their personal favourites and anecdotes of being female in the classical industry.

Join us for an unforgettable evening where these exceptional groups merge their talents, creating a unique celebration of International Women's Day.

General Admission Tickets are just $25

Barbara King
Kathleen Morrison
Angela Smart
Eva Toncheva
Andrea Poon
Maria van der Hoek
Mimi Park

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