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To Celebrate and Promote the Classical Vocal Arts

The mission of Alberta Vocal Arts Association is to promote and celebrate the classical vocal arts in Alberta. Through captivating performances, collaborative initiatives and active community engagement, we inspire and engage audiences by showcasing the talent and artistry of vocal performers. Our goal is to create opportunities for the mid-level performing artist and to provide enriching experiences that deepen appreciation for the classical vocal arts and contribute to the cultural vitality of our community.

January 11, 12 & 13, 2024 

Festival Hall

7:00 Pre-Show Chat
7:30 Performance

Join Alberta Vocal Arts in their inaugural staged production of, ‘Die Fledermaus: The Champagne Operetta,' directed by Shandra Gallant. This sparkling production showcases Johann Strauss' comedic operetta, a delightful tale filled with mistaken identities, tangled romances, and an enchanting masquerade ball.

Follow the hilarious misadventures of Gabriel von Eisenstein, a charming yet wayward husband, his quick-witted wife Rosalinde, the mischievous Dr. Falke, the ambitious maid Adele, the passionate tenor Alfred, the steadfast prison warden Frank, and the eccentric Prince Orlofsky. Amidst the laughter and revelry, these characters discover invaluable lessons about love, forgiveness, and the transformative power of a night of masked enchantment.

Festival Hall 

Pre-Show Chat 7:00
Performance 7:30

A stunning new presentation of traditional lieder (art song) gems alongside breathtaking lighting and shadow.

Chiaroscuro, an exploration of the balance of light and shadow, is a term used interchangeably in both the visual art world and in music, particularly the Bel Canto tradition. Traverse the juxtaposition of light/dark, day/night, heaven/hell and love/despair.

Set in the beautiful Polaris Theatre, this concert will explore light and shadow in its varied forms, including lighting, architecture, textiles, and the true aural showcase of the event - the myriad tonal colours of the human voice and piano together.

Polaris Theatre

7:30 pm

October 28th, 2023

Darryl Raymaker

Board Chair

Melinda Gombert


Christy Chin


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Steven Morton

Board Member

Yalena Sermeno

Board Member

Kathleen Morrison

Artistic/Executive Director

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