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Promoting and Celebrating the Classical Vocal Arts

The mission of Alberta Vocal Arts Association is to promote and celebrate the classical vocal arts in Alberta. Through captivating performances, collaborative initiatives and active community engagement, we inspire and engage audiences by showcasing the talent and artistry of vocal performers. Our goal is to create opportunities for the mid-level performing artist and to provide enriching experiences that deepen appreciation for the classical vocal arts and contribute to the cultural vitality of our community.

Our Vision

The vocal arts are celebrated as a vibrant and essential part of Alberta's cultural identity. Our performances and artistic endeavours consistently embody excellence, captivating audiences, and inspiring future generations of artists and audiences. 

01. Celebration of Artistic Excellence

We have fostered a welcoming and inclusive artistic community that embraces diversity in all its forms. Our organization serves as a platform for empowering artists from diverse backgrounds to express their authentic voices and share their stories. 

02. Inclusive and Diverse Community

The vocal arts have the power totransform lives and create lasting emotional connections. We envision audiencesdeeply moved and enriched by the beauty, passion, and storytelling conveyedthrough the human voice. 

03. Transformational Arts Experiences

We are an integral part of a collaborative and innovative arts ecosystem in Alberta. Our organization actively engages in interdisciplinary collaborations and contributes to a dynamic and interconnected cultural landscape. 

04. Collaborative & Innovative Arts Ecosystem

We have cultivated a broad and engaged audience base that includes people of all ages, backgrounds, and communities. Our programming is accessible and relevant, fostering a sense of connection, belonging, and enthusiasm for the vocal arts for both new-comer and seasoned audience members. 

05. Accessible & Engaged Audiences

Artists find a nurturing and supportive environment within our organization, where they can showcase their learned skills in a mid-level performance space, explore new roles and stagings, and grow as professionals. We envision our platform as a springboard for artists to thrive and leave a lasting impact on the arts community here and abroad. 

06. Empowered Artistic Community

The vocal arts play a significant role in driving positive social change and fostering dialogue on important societal issues. Our organization actively engages in outreach and educational initiatives that inspire and empower the community through the transformative power of the arts.

07. Arts as a Catalyst for Change

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